Rabbi Motti Hadar

Rabbi Motti Hadar was born and raised in Johannesburg and attended Torah Academy from nursery school through to matric. Motti was always passionate about Jewish education and leadership and in his Matric year was the Rabbi at the Krugersdorp Shul, traveling there together with a friend every Shabbos. Motti graduated in 2001 as head boy and planned to study law after a gap year in Yeshiva. Although he no longer dreams of law, his clearly articulated stance on many issues, and his clarity and conciseness help move many decisions along.

After spending a transformational year in Yeshiva Gedolah in Australia, Motti continued studying in Yeshivas on three continents and was involved in community outreach in 15 countries, fuelling his passion for travel and adventure. He also developed a keen interest in snowboarding, which he misses since moving to South Africa, where good snowboarding conditions are hard to find. In 2006, he returned to South Africa and reignited his love for the South African Jewish community, Sunday braais, and a good Kruger trip, all while studying Smicha at Machon Leā€™horah in Pretoria.

In 2009, Motti joined the Torah Academy family as the Menahel of the Boys High and became the principal in 2010. His passion for Jewish education and his care and concern for each student created a culture of positivity and growth in the Boys High.

Motti then brought his leadership skills to the Primary School as principal from 2014-2019. After bringing the Primary School into a new era of development, he resumed his position as principal of the Boys High. His attention to detail is as legendary as his love for good coffee, which in his strong opinion should preferably be freshly ground and served piping hot with fresh milk only.

His home is open to his students, and he often hosts past students, remaining in touch long after they have graduated. As an avid soccer player, Motti can often be found playing soccer in the evenings with his former students.

In addition to his responsibilities as principal, Motti is also the Rabbi of the Johannesburg Sephardi Hebrew Congregation and the doting father of a beautiful family.

Motti considers the bush as the ultimate holiday experience, and loves having the opportunity to travel throughout South Africa with his students on Shabbatons, Cyclive and other school trips.