Girls High

Rebecca Sarchi

Principal of Girls High

Rebecca Sarchi was born in London, and made aliyah at the age of 12, living just outside of Netanya. While in Israel, Rebecca was exceptionally involved in Bnei Akiva, walking over an hour every Shabbos afternoon to attend the gatherings. Rebecca came to South Africa for the first time at age 18, and continued working for Jewish youth organisations. She was Rosh Gurim as well as a madricha in Bnei Akiva South Africa. She was also a counsellor at Camp Gan Yisroel in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Her ultimate December 

holiday remains in Israel, where she feels the most connected and at home.


After completing high school, Rebecca attended Orot, a religious teacher college in Jerusalem, and studied nursery school teaching. She taught in a Gan in the Old City in Jerusalem, and upon her return to South Africa, studied a Bachelors of Education through Unisa – majoring in education and communications. She loves learning and enjoys reading books of all types.


Rebecca began her teaching career in 1984 as an assistant in the Torah Academy Nursery School. She then became a class teacher in the nursery school before moving to grade one, and teaching in various positions in the primary school and boys high. After a crash course in Yiddish, Rebecca even taught Cheder. Rebecca then discovered her happy place in the girls high, teaching there for many years before assuming the position of principal in 2000.


Her belief in every student and her ability to make students believe in themselves and succeed has created a culture of growth and possibility in the Girls High. Her office is full of inspirational quotes and photos of her surrounded by her high school students, who can often be found in her office having passionate discussions with Morah. In her free time, Rebecca can often be spotted having coffee with her old students, remaining a confidant and friend for life.


Rebecca is a devoted mother and grandmother and loves spending time with her family. She can often be seen picking up her grandchildren from school. Her home is open to all, and after raising 4 teenage boys and twin daughters she can whip up a meal for 40 in a flash. Rebecca is an excellent cook, and she admits this is probably because she loves to eat.


Rebecca is adventurous and loves swimming and walking. She is passionate about Chinuch and is grateful that she can guide her students through this unique stage of life during their high school years. Rebecca has created a nurturing haven of love in the Girls High with a diverse student body, allowing each student to be an individual who is given the tools to blossom.

Who We Are

At Torah Academy Girls High, in both Jewish and General studies, our goal is to increase our students’ wisdom of the mind and wisdom of the soul. Of course whilst we are growing academically, we always keep in mind what the Rebbe taught us, that education should not be limited to the acquisition of knowledge but should pay more attention, indeed the main focus, to the building of character, with an emphasis on moral and ethical values. Watching the girls refine their Middos, and increase in their Ahavas Yisroel, is inspiring to say the least. 

Breaks are filled with music, dancing, DMC and shrieks of laughter. The grass and driveway are scattered with groups of girls bonding and uniting as one. And with that, the feeling of warmth and unity permeates the entire campus. 

Lessons, chats with teachers, programmes and fun, fill every day. And then before we know it, the final bell of the day rings out loud and clear. Signalling that yet another inspiring and happy school day has come to an end.   

Each girl is a unique world striving to accomplish bigger and greater things than they achieved the day before. Like a tree, our students are the branches that grow in different directions and our teachers are like the trunk enhancing the stability, and yet, our roots are one. Collectively, our students and teachers are what make us into a family.

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