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Sara Bronstein

Principal of Primary School

Sara Bronstein was born and raised in Johannesburg and was educated at Torah Academy all the way through Nursery, Primary, and High School. During her school career, Sara enjoyed leadership opportunities and ran the Girls Organisation at Torah Academy Girls High. She directed local and international youth and teen camps, further developing her leadership skills.


Following matric, Sara attended the Beis Menachem Seminary in Montreal, Canada, and Beis Chana Seminary in Tzfat, completing a Diploma Course in Advanced Jewish Studies and Teacher Training. Sara’s passion for learning Chassidus was sparked while in seminary, and she has remained a devoted student of Chassidus. Sara is an enthusiastic learner and is constantly working on self-development, through courses, lectures, and books.


While on shlichus in the USA, Sara began her studies towards her BBA degree (Bachelor of Business Administration) through UNISA, specializing in Industrial Psychology. Sara worked for communities in Malibu, California; Bal Harbour, Florida; and Manalapan, New Jersey. Her responsibilities included running Hebrew school, adult education classes, and Shabbos and Yom Tov programs.


Before returning to South Africa, Sara spent four years working in and managing a real estate office in New York. After several years of teaching at Torah Academy, she was appointed principal of the Torah Academy Nursery School in 2011. She spent eight years transforming the Nursery School into a premier Jewish nursery school in the country before moving up to the position of Principal in Primary School.


Sara was raised in a musical home and music remains one of her passions, along with health, nutrition, sports, and fitness. Sara and her husband Chaim are the proud parents of beautiful children, all of whom attend Torah Academy.

Who We Are

In Torah Academy Primary School, the classroom is a haven of learning and connection, Beyond the confines of the classroom is an intangible magic that takes place in our school.

It’s the growth, learning and connectivity that takes place outside of the walls, beyond the scope of books and curriculum. It’s the out of the box treasures that gives so much more depth, meaning and insight to our students.

The uniqueness in Torah Academy Primary School is that we are a team of educators who collaborate and share to inspire creativity. Our Round Robin workshop in the senior classes encouraged teachers to share their insight, knowledge and wisdom with their peers.

Holistic, though we hear this all too often now, it really encapsulates how we educate. We not only teach one part of one student, but rather the student’s entire soul and world. In this focus, we have extended our education to parents and guardians on the journey into adolescence.

I humbly continue this educational journey and thank my team of stakeholders: students, parents, teachers and more. May we continue to invest in broadening the magic, revealing the treasures of structured and even more so less structured informal learning beyond the classroom.

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